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First giant modules arrived in Hamina


The biggest transport project ever seen in Finland was launched on Monday 16 July at the Hamina Harbour of the Port of HaminaKotka. A vessel owned by Cosco Shipping and carrying the two first giant modules en route to Kazakhstan was moored to the PK3 quay at noon. The journey of the vessel Kang Sheng Kou from its port of departure in South Korea took five weeks.

The transport project now launched will continue until 2021. The transport will be launched on a large scale next year. The less frequent shipments this year will primarily be used for testing the logistics chain. In the middle of winter, the transport operations will come to a halt, because the vessels that carry the modules are not reinforced for ice conditions. And on the other hand, the rivers will be on ice anyway.

In Hamina, the modules will be unloaded from the ocean-going vessels and transferred to the other side of the harbour basin, where they will be loaded onto river vessels at a quay specifically built for the vessels and modules.

A storage area, where the modules await the river vessel transport, has also been built for the modules. At best, the storage area will house dozens of pieces of equipment as tall as three-storey apartment buildings.

The first one of the modules that arrived on Monday will be unloaded from the deck of the Kang Sheng Kou on Saturday 21 July. On Friday 27 July the river vessel will be ready to depart for St Petersburg and travel further to the river network in Russia. The first destination is the Caspian Sea and the final destination is Kazakhstan. The length of the voyage of the river vessels is approx. 5,000 kilometres.

The other module that arrived on Monday will continue its journey from Hamina on 1 August.

The transport project operated by the Belgian company Sarens Group, which is specialised in large-scale transport operations, is a very important issue for Port of HaminaKotka Ltd. According to Kimmo Naski, CEO of Port of HaminaKotka Ltd, preparations for the project have been made since 2014, and in 2016 the port company and Sarens signed an agreement which now becomes reality with the arrival of the first ship.

 “This is a historic moment in the sense that nothing like this has ever been seen in Finland,” Kimmo Naski says as the Kang Sheng Kou is approaching the quay in Hamina assisted by two tugs.

According to Kimmo Naski, companies and other operators engaged in the port business globally follow the Port of HaminaKotka with a keen eye during the project.

 “This also represents a major reference for us for the future years.”

The modules transported are pressure equalising devices for oil pumps. The transport operations now commended are part of the world’s biggest ongoing project with a total value of 37 thousand million dollars.

One indication of the massive size of the project, according to Kimmo Naski, is the fact that 17 river vessels were built just for this purpose. The combined value of the river vessels alone is 400 million dollars.

The transport in Hamina is in the hands of approx. 200 persons, 160 of whom are Sarens’ employees working in two shifts.

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