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Photography and video photography by means of remotely piloted aircraft in Port of HaminaKotka

The port may grant a permit for the use of a remotely piloted aircraft for photography and video photography in the port area if the following conditions are met:

  • The photography or video photography is related to the operator’s business.
  • The operator has made a notification about the starting of the operation to the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (a copy of the notification must be delivered to the port).
  • The operator has a liability insurance (a copy of the insurance policy must be delivered to the port).
  • The user of the aircraft has drawn up an assignmentspecific safety assessment in writing. This must cover the identification of hazards, risk assessment and risk reduction.
  • The user of the aircraft has drawn up operating guidelines in writing. These must contain a description of normal operation and of operation in the event of disturbances.
  • Permit applications in writing may be directed to Safety and Security department

These requirements are based on the following order by Finnish Transport Safety Agency Traficom:

TRAFI/90924/ OPS M1-32 Use of remotely piloted aircraft and model aircraft

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