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Welcome to HaminaKotka

Vessel Arrives
Misida 31.10.2017 08:00
Scheldegracht 29.10.2017 14:17
Philipp Essberger 28.10.2017 12:17
Jyry 27.10.2017 12:00
Ajo 27.10.2017 12:00
Crystal Skye 27.10.2017 10:00
Viona 27.10.2017 06:17
Vessel Berth Terminal
Eduard Essberger Ö2 Öljysatama
Sylvia A4 Mussalo (Kuiva)
Wes Amelie C1 Mussalo (Kontti)
Lindaunis C2 Mussalo (Kontti)
Prima Lady L4 Lakulahti
Topaz Amur EU2 Konttisatama
Wave A2 Mussalo (Kuiva)
Vessel Departs
Jeanette 20.10.2017 14:30
Thetis D 19.10.2017 22:00
Alexander B 19.10.2017 20:00
Riona 19.10.2017 11:15
Terschelling 19.10.2017 16:45
Prima Lady 19.10.2017 21:00
Conmar Island 19.10.2017 14:00
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The biggest universal port in Finland

The Port of HaminaKotka serves as an important hub in Europe and in the Baltic Sea region. Regular liner services ensure quick deliveries and connections to all parts of the world. The Port of HaminaKotka caters for all types of cargo: containers, RoRo, LoLo, dry bulk, liquid bulk, gas and project shipments of all types, and provides versatile value-added services.


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