Contact information of the personnel of the HaminaKotka


Port of HaminaKotka Ltd
Merituulentie 424
48310 Kotka, Finland
P.O. Box 196
FI-48101 Kotka, Finland

Office centre Merituuli, Kotka
Merituulentie 424
48310 Kotka

Office centre Kuorsalo, Hamina
Satamantie 4
49460 Hamina

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Port of HaminaKotka Ltd
Tel. +358 (0) 20 790 8800
e-mail: office(at)

Ship service (24h) +358 (0) 20 790 8840

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E-invoicing address: 003723807448
Operator: Maventa 
Operator identifier: 003721291126