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Port of HaminaKotka is responsible for the marketing, customers, product development and co-ordination of the cruise business in the Kotka-Hamina region

As the biggest universal port in Finland, HaminaKotka offers cruise ships excellent frames for visiting the Kotka-Hamina region. The excellent location of the cities Kotka and Hamina, between Helsinki and St. Petersburg gives the opportunity for the cruise guests to explore the culture and history of our country more comprehensively. The capital Helsinki is only approximately a 75-minute drive away, and the distance to St. Petersburg, the metropolis of our neighbouring country Russia is 125 nautical miles by sea or three hours by land.

The circular town Hamina with its historical venues, Kotka the island with its lushing parks, and the entire Kotka-Hamina region provide cruise guests a unique, authentic experience. Become enchanted with the old wooden houses full of athmosphere, get to know the churches representing different styles, learn about the maritime history in the Finnish Maritime Centre, venture on white-water rafting on the River Kymijoki, take a tour in the inner archipelago or hike in the natural environment. The Kotka-Hamina region provides  all this and many more new things to experience. You will spend your day in an international, however, authentic mini-Finland and meet joyful locals who are happy to welcome cruise guests.

Port of HaminaKotka Ltd. is also a member of international cruise traffic related co-operation groups as CLIA, Cruise Europe and Cruise Baltic.

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Project Manager, Petra Cranston, tel. +348 (0)20 790 8811,

Director, Traffic Operations, Markku Koskinen, tel. +348 (0)20 790 8831, markku.koskinen(at)

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