Access permits - Port of HaminaKotka

Access permits

Moving in the port area is only allowed if you have an access permit granted by Port of HaminaKotka Ltd or by a party authorised by it. Anyone trying to access or move in the area must produce identification and give reason for moving within the port when asked to do so.

Those working in the port can obtain their access permit from their employer, and those visiting the port can obtain an access permit from the company they are visiting. An access permit is usually personal, and vehicle-specific with heavy vehicles.

The companies operating at the port have the opportunity to register an access permit in the access permit system prior to entering the port, in which case the port entry does not require stopping at the gate. Without an access permit drawn up in advance, vehicles need to check in at the information point of the office centre (Kuorsalo or Merituuli).

While moving within the port area, the customers and vehicles are the responsibility of the company which they are visiting. The driver of the vehicle is responsible for the passengers arriving at the port area in the vehicle.

Identification at the gate

Identification based on vehicle registration number

As a rule, identification at the gate takes place by means of automatic registration number identification. Automatic identification is possible when the registration plate is undamaged and clean. If the automatic identification fails, the display at the gate instructs the driver to contact the information point of the office centre (Kuorsalo or Merituuli).

RFID identification

Companies operating within the port area can redeem specific RFID tags for vehicles where identification based on the registration number does not work (work machinery, site vehicles etc.). An RFID tag is to be fastened to the windscreen of the vehicle serves as the means of identification.

Pedestrian and bicycle gates can be accessed with separately redeemable small RFID tags. At the port areas in Kotka, PIN code identification is also available for the pedestrian and bicycle gates. Further information on redeeming RFID tags and on applying for PIN codes is available at the information points of the office centres (Kuorsalo and Merituuli).