Safety and security at the Port of HaminaKotka


Welcome to the safe Port of HaminaKotka!

Port safety and security is a concern shared by everyone. This page contains ISPS codes and information on vessel safety, occupational safety, transport of dangerous goods, hot work and hot work permits at the port.


The security procedures (ISPS) applied by Port of HaminaKotka Ltd comply with international and national regulations concerning the safety and security measures of vessels and port facilities serving vessels. The national regulatory authority in Finland, the Finnish Transport Safety Agency, has audited and approved the safety and security assessments and plans of the port.

ISPS codes Hamina 

ISPS codes Kotka

Vessel safety

In vessel safety matters, Port of HaminaKotka Ltd aims to contribute to the safe manoeuvring of ships in the water areas of the port. Fairways with sufficient draught for all vessels sailing on the Baltic Sea lead to the various harbours of the Port of HaminaKotka. The goal is to keep the navigation marks in these fairways in faultless condition.

Report findings to the Vessel Traffic Centre

Any broken marine safety devices and other observations affecting maritime safety should be reported to the Vessel Traffic Centre, which serves on all days of the week, 24 hours a day.

Vessel Traffic Centre (24/7), tel. +358 (0)20 790 8840

Marine VHF operates at channel 11, in the Hamina region also at channel 12

Moving within the port area

When moving within the port area, special caution should be exercised at crossings, level crossings and working areas. Pedestrians, bicycles and passenger cars must only use general routes designated for them. Parking is only allowed at sites marked with P-signs. The general speed limit on the roads within the port is 40 km/h and at gate areas 20 km/h.

Wear high-visibility clothing

Make sure that whenever working, walking or cycling within the port area and when leaving a vehicle, you are wearing CE-marked high-visibility clothing (Government Decree on the Occupational Safety in Loading and Unloading of Ships 633/2004, Section 21).

Safety and security are in everyone’s interest

Successful safety and security in a fast-changing work environment such as a port requires the commitment of every enterprise. Whenever someone working in the port area notices anything that might jeopardise safety, security or human health, they must report it to their supervisor or to the Safety and Security Manager of Port of HaminaKotka Ltd.

Information Bulletin for Major Accident Hamina region

Information Bulletin for Major Accident Kotka region