Christmas donation of Port of HaminaKotka Ltd to Kakspy ry


This year, Port of HaminaKotka Ltd will donate the funds reserved for Christmas greetings to Kakspy ry, the Social Psychiatry Association of South-East Finland. The Association promotes mental well-being, equal opportunities and inclusion, and creates welfare solutions together with the users of service and their relatives and networks.

The Association conducts mental health work and intoxicant abuse prevention work from Western Uusimaa to South Karelia, but the primary region is the Kotka-Hamina region. The operations encompass work and day activities, treatment groups and rehabilitating work, among other things. The Association also offers meeting places open to all. As an example, the club houses in Kotka and Hamina are available to all free of charge, and they provide support to well-being, studies and employment.

In recent years, the Association has also focused heavily on work with families and other people close to the clients. This includes issues such as groups for those abusing intoxicants, resource weekends and support offered by experts by experience. Kakspy ry also has international operations, and one of the things starting soon is an employment path project funded by the EU.

“The Christmas donation of Port of HaminaKotka Ltd will be used to promote a positive spirit among those involved in our operations. We share Christmas greetings, arrange cultural activities during the Christmas period and make purchases that the users can enjoy for a long period of time. We thank the port company for the vital support,” says Markku Kärmeniemi, Acting Executive Director.

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