Esa Paronen artikkelin pääkuva leveä

Esa Paronen started as Technical Manager


Esa Paronen, B.Sc. in construction, started as the Technical Manager of Port of HaminaKotka Ltd on 2 January 2023. Esa Paronen moved to the port company from Sitowise Oy, where he worked in infrastructure construction duties as a project manager and supervisor in projects undertaken by Port of HaminaKotka Ltd, among others.

“I worked at Sitowise for more than a year, and my duties included a variety of construction and supervision duties, from the commissioning of contract planning to reception and warranty period tasks. Before Sitowise, I worked at Destia Oy in infrastructure supervision positions from 2014 to 2021,” Esa Paronen says.

In the new position of Technical Manager, Esa Paronen’s responsibilities include duties such as heading and developing the operations of the technical department of the port company and serving as its supervisor as well as project construction and co-operation with various stakeholders.
“I am looking forward to new challenges and the diverse range of work at the port,” Esa Paronen says.

Esa Paronen says that he has lived all his life in South-Eastern Finland, and he currently lives in Hamina. He spends his free time with his family.

The job title and job description of Technical Director Jari Kontunen have changed at the turn of the year. Jari Kontunen has taken on the position of Project Director for the D-area project at Mussalo, and he provides Esa Paronen with induction training and background support as necessary.

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