Information meeting by the Port of HaminaKotka on 13 October provided a package of topical matters


The third Teams information meeting by Port of HaminaKotka Ltd was arranged on 13 October 2021, with almost 70 persons participating in the meeting.

The event started by Commercial Director Eija Rossi presenting the trend in the transport volumes of the port and the forecasts for the remaining part of the year. Eija Rossi also stated that she is pleased with the results of the recent customer satisfaction survey, indicating that customer satisfaction is at a very good level. She said that the port company will address directly the development suggestions presented.

Technical Director Jari Kontunen described the many ongoing construction projects of the Port of HaminaKotka. He presented projects such as infrastructure and quay work at Mussalo’s D-area, ramp plans for Hietanen, various construction work in Hamina, which focuses this year on the area of the Oil Harbour, and modernisation of lighting and control of lighting masts to be carried out in 2021 to 2025.

Ville Kuitunen, Director of Traffic Operations, thanked everyone for the SEVESO exercise arranged at Mussalo in September and stated that the local defence exercise arranged at the Hamina Harbour in the same week caused some traffic disturbance, but any major problems were avoided. Ville Kuitunen highlighted the increase in the transport volumes of the port and hoped that everyone will follow caution when moving in the industrial and port areas, with specific attention to be paid to rail traffic. He also reminded the audience of the importance of following noise restrictions and making safety observations, and he described the construction plans of the passenger terminal to be built at the Kantasatama Harbour.

Arja Korhonen, Manager, Administration and Finance, had a message from the financial administration of the port. She believed that the challenges in the introduction of the new financial management system are now over. The port company takes care of its own financial management, so there is always a personal contact if there is a need to discuss issues such invoices.

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