Information meeting by the Port of HaminaKotka on 18 May presented topical matters comprehensively


Port of HaminaKotka Ltd arranged the second information meeting this year for its customers and stakeholders by means of Microsoft Teams on 18 May 2021. Nearly 60 people attended the event.

At the beginning of the event, Commercial Director Eija Rossi described the early part of the year of the port and positive expectations for the current year. She also reminded the audience of the charging points for electric cars in front of staircase A of the Merituuli office building at Mussalo, and of the updated guide maps of the port; these can be found on our website and are also available in paper version upon request.

Technical Director Jari Kontunen discussed the situation regarding port construction, which continues to be very active. He presented issues such as the infrastructure and quay work at Mussalo D-area, the expansion plans for the H3 ramp at Hietanen, projects by various parties in Hamina and improvements to stormwater drainage at the EU quay.

System Specialist Juha Hämäläinen went through the use of the truck weighbridge. He described, among other things, the application process for weighbridge permits and clarified the weighing receipt information, which often raises questions. He also suggested watching the truck weighbridge video that can be found on our website and on YouTube.

Ville Kuitunen, Director of Traffic Operations, gave a recap of rail transport and said that the KoKoHa rail project covering Kouvola, Kotka and Hamina was progressing on schedule. He also stated that the new Rail Transport Act entered into force on 1 February 2021. It will create some new practices for the management of rail transport. A network statement will no longer be used, and it will be replaced by a service facility description. The Port will provide information about the impacts of the change on its website and arrange separate information sessions on the matter.

Occupational safety matters concern everyone working in the port area, and Development Manager Suvi-Tuuli Lappalainen presented these in the information meeting. The port is a workplace of shared hazards, in other words an area where several employers work simultaneously without primary authority. The employers are in an equal position with respect to each other, and they are obliged to communicate with each other about the safety issues they perceive and to co-operate with each other.

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