LNG terminal will boost the competitiveness of Port of HaminaKotka


The services available at the Port of HaminaKotka are diversifying and expanding. The new terminal that distributes liquefied natural gas (LNG), due to be built at the Hamina Harbour, will enable visits and bunkering of vessels using LNG at the port. The terminal will also provide energy-dependent industries with excellent operating conditions at the port.

Hamina LNG Oy, a joint venture of Hamina Energy Ltd and the Estonian Alexela Group, is building a reception terminal for LNG at the Hamina Harbour in 2017 - 2020. The value of the investment is approx. 95 million euros. Gas will be supplied from a tank of 30,000 cubic metres built first to the distribution network of Hamina Energy and to customers engaged in land and sea transport. There are already facilities for the construction of another tank of 20,000 cubic metres.

Environmentally-friendly LNG replaces liquid fuels for example in sea and road transport. LNG fulfils stringent restrictions on particle emissions, nitrogen oxides emissions and carbon dioxide emissions, and it does not generate any sulphur dioxide emissions.

“The future of maritime transport is shifting to the era of LNG. The LNG terminal at the Hamina Harbour will enhance the national and international competitiveness of the Port of HaminaKotka significantly,” says Dr Kimmo Naski, CEO of Port of HaminaKotka Ltd.

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