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Major accident exercise at the Mussalo harbour in Kotka on 9 October 2018




Instructions for enterprises operating at the port

A major accident exercise will be arranged at the Mussalo Harbour in Kotka on Tuesday 9 October 2018 from 9.00 onwards. The exercise will include an exercise in accordance with Section 48 of the Finnish Rescue Act within Seveso facilities, an exercise for hazardous substances at the IMO field and an exercise for hazardous substances on the shunting yard for rail transport. At the same time, all enterprises will practise the functioning of their own rescue plan.

Instructions for enterprises:

  • at 9.00, the exercise will start by sounding the general warning signal from the civil defence sirens; the warning signal will be heard until 10.00
  • after the warning signal, each enterprise will operate in accordance with its own rescue plan
  • at around 10.00, the “danger over” signal will be given, after which the participation of the enterprises in the exercise will end, with the exception of those enterprises where the Fire Department is practising or where the enterprise’s own exercise is still in progress
  • the Fire Department will have observers to follow the progress of the exercises in the enterprises; the observers wear orange reflective vests
  • at 14.00 there will be an exercise for an accident involving hazardous substances in the railway yard area; this exercise does not apply to the personnel of other enterprises
  • several emergency vehicles will use the port area during the exercises
  • only authorities may operate aircraft (e.g. drones)
  • the enterprises must notify the number of persons participating in the exercise by email to: [email protected], immediately after the exercise has finished.


    Kymenlaakso Fire Department                                                  Port of HaminaKotka Ltd
    Juha Tiitinen                                                                                  Timo Kallio
    Rescue Manager                                                                           Safety and Security Manager

    Further information:
    Port of HaminaKotka Ltd

    Timo Kallio, [email protected], tel. 020 790 8851

    Kymenlaakso Fire Department
    Juha Tiitinen, [email protected], tel. 044 702 6310

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