Memorial of Nord Stream 2 project at Katariinanniemi


The warehousing and logistics operations of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipe project were brought to conclusion in Finland in September, when Wasco Coatings Finland, the contractor which was responsible for the concrete coating, warehousing and logistics of the pipes, loaded the last pipes from the Mussalo Harbour of the Port of HaminaKotka to be carried out to sea. A closing ceremony of the project was arranged at Katariinanniemi in Kotka on 6 November. The ceremony included the unveiling of a project monument: a gas pipe that was laid beside the gas pipe commemorating the first Nord Stream project, pointing towards the island of Suursaari on the Gulf of Finland.

Information board of Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 projects.


The gas pipes laid as memorials are pointing towards the island of Suursaari.


Kimmo Naski, CEO of Port of HaminaKotka Ltd, and Henning Kothe, Chief Project Officer of Nord Stream 2 project.
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