Petra Cranston uutissivun kuva

Petra Cranston started as Project Manager, Cruise Business


Petra Cranston, M.Sc. Econ., started at Port of HaminaKotka Ltd as Project Manager, Cruise Business, on 1 December 2019. She shifted to Port of HaminaKotka Ltd from Cursor Oy after the marketing operations targeted at the cruise business were transferred to the port company.

The port has always been close at heart for Petra Cranston, and the port has become a familiar operating environment for her since a young age through a family business. During her career, she has worked in the international board business and in the fiberglass industry, and for the past six years in expert positions at Cursor Oy developing the cruise business in the Kotka-Hamina region.

In her current position, Petra Cranston will be centrally involved in sales to cruise shipping companies, as before. Close contacts with shipping companies and other stakeholder co-operation will hence continue to constitute a crucial part of her work. The objective is to reach the next level in the development of the cruise business and to raise the number of visits by cruise ships by 2022.

Petra Cranston’s family includes two adult children, three dogs and two retired ponies. She enjoys the tranquillity of the countryside in Kymi, and enjoys spending time in the natural environment and reading books in her leisure time.

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