Port of HaminaKotka expecting 20 cruise ships this year


The Port of HaminaKotka is making preparations for the start of a new international cruise season. During the cruise season spanning from May to October, 20 international cruise ships are due to arrive at the Port of HaminaKotka based on current information. There will be ships arriving in both Kotka and Hamina, bringing as many as tens of thousands of passengers to the region. Both the pandemic and the current situation in world politics have an impact on the coming cruise season, which is why there may be changes in either direction in the number of ships.

Kotka and Hamina have turned out to be internationally attractive cruise destinations due to factors such as a favourable location and versatile cruise and event offerings. Short distances, clean natural environment and experiences bestowed by the great outdoors are distinct competitive edges in the competition with other cruise ports on the Baltic Sea. As a rule, just under one half of the cruise passengers take part in various types of excursions arranged for the guests, and just over one half learn to know the location on their own, utilising the services of local enterprises.

In addition to making preparations for the coming cruise season, the Port of HaminaKotka is also working hard for the future years. Cruise traffic on the Baltic Sea is on the increase, and the port company has a highly positive outlook for the seasons 2023 to 2025.

(Front page photo: Jarno Koivula)

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