Ari Ström eläkkeelle pääkuva 1

Port Officer Ari Ström to retire


Ari Ström, long-term Port Officer of Port of HaminaKotka, will go on holiday in February and on 1 July 2023 to a well-earned retirement.

Ari’s first employment period at the port was after his military service in a summer job at the Port of Hamina in 1980, when his uncle served as a port pilot and urgently needed an additional member to his team. After this, Ari worked in asphalting work, forest management and in an engineering firm, among others. He started studying in a maritime vocational school and worked on ships for three years following the studies. After this, Ari studied to become a navigating officer. The next time Ari worked at the port following these studies was in the spring of 1986. There was plenty of work at the port in the summer, but in the winter Ari worked on construction sites.

Ari Ström has been working continuously at the port since 1988. He has worked as a substitute for the port pilot, done mooring and unmooring of ships plus other ship services duties assisting Tapani Pasanen, the former Operations Manager of the port company. After the Ports of Hamina and Kotka merged, since 2011, Ari has served as a Port Officer and operation supervisor of the liquid harbours.

There have been many events over the years from a recession to upward trends and many changes in port traffic.  According to Ari Ström, one of the foremost changes affecting port operations, safety and security was the introduction of the ISPS rules about 20 years ago.
“Occupational safety in particular has evolved over the past years and decades. In the early years of my career, work clothing was not very good, and we did not even have safety footwear,” Ari Ström says.

Ari highlights the significance of co-operation and the workplace community during his career.
“Co-operation has a huge importance in the efforts of the port. Nobody can work alone at the port; there has to be co-operation with various parties. The co-operation with my colleagues has also been fluent, and I have always had a good work community and nice colleagues.”

Ari will spend his increased leisure time with his interests, which include real estate and forest management. A couple of wooden boats are also waiting for reconditioning.
“If you have energy and drive, there are always things to do,” Ari assures.

Port Officer Oskari Aarnio will take care of the duties that were in Ari’s domain. Oskari Aarnio’s job description also covers other duties, such as serving as the substitute of the Operations Manager.

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