Satamamestari Vesa Silvennoinen pääkuva rajattu

Port Officer Vesa Silvennoinen


Vesa Silvennoinen, Sea Captain (Bachelor of Marine Technology), started as a Port Officer at Port of HaminaKotka Ltd on 16 October 2023. Vesa Silvennoinen worked earlier at Port of HaminaKotka Ltd as a Duty Officer for more than five years. Before that he had worked, among other things, as a ship’s agent, inspector and navigating officer on ships.

 “The work of Port Officer gives an excellent opportunity to learn new things, and we always respond to each situation at hand,” Vesa Silvennoinen says.

Originally from Valkeala but currently living in Kotka with his wife and two children, Vesa Sivennoinen likes to spend his leisure time with hobbies such as golfing and hunting. Vesa Silvennoinen has travelled a lot, and his other interests include engines and machines, and he likes to tinker with things with his hands. In his spare time, he also likes to do building work.

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