HaminaKotka Satama köysi ja laiva kuva

Second information meeting of Port of HaminaKotka


The second Teams information meeting of the year was held on 3 May 2022. There were again numerous participants interested in the current affairs of the port.

Commercial Director Eija Rossi opened the event and stated that the beginning of the year had been challenging due to the strike in the Finnish wood-processing industry and the situation between Russia and Ukraine.

Maintenance Manager Saana Vuorinen from the Technical Department described the past winter as challenging due to the abundant snowfall. 3,000 tonnes of sanding sand was used during the winter, and it is currently being collected. Companies operating at the port are hoped to contribute to the removal of sand from their own areas. Saana Vuorinen also presented the areas where asphalting will be carried out, and she asked companies to pay attention to the cleanliness of their areas; there is generally room for improvement here.

Ville Kuitunen, Director, Traffic Operations, discussed in general the impacts of the Russian offensive war on the port and reminded of the companies’ own responsibility for the continuity of operations. Companies should have plans for business continuity in the event of issues such as power outages, poor availability of fuel and other disturbances. Ville Kuitunen also presented changes that have taken place in access to the port and reminded of the necessity to exercise caution at level crossings and crossings. He said that speeding was quite commonplace in certain parts of the port, and he requested companies to go through the matter with their personnel.

Petra Cranston, Project Manager, Cruise Business, gave a brief overview of international cruise traffic. Both the coronavirus pandemic and the situation between Russia and Ukraine are causing uncertainty, but according to the current outlook, the cruise season appears to be very active at the Port of HaminaKotka.

At the end of the event, Eija Rossi reminded the audience of the possibility to subscribe to the information bulletins published in Finnish on the port’s website directly to e-mail. She also encouraged the participants to contact the port’s staff if the companies have any questions related to their own operations or safety and security issues where the port company might be of assistance to them.

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