Second information meeting of Port of HaminaKotka in 2024


The second information meeting of Port of HaminaKotka Ltd this year was held on 18 April in office centre Kuorsalo in Hamina. Remote participation was also possible, and a total of about 60 people attended the event.

The event was opened by Commercial Director Eija Rossi, who told about the Port’s news in the early part of the year and spring. The four-week strikes had a considerable negative impact on the transport volumes at the Port of HaminaKotka, but now the port is starting to get back to normal.

Port Curator Mia Hirvonen also visited the event, presenting the diverse activities of the Seamen’s Mission and welcoming port operators to visit the premises located in Hamina.

Marketing Assistant Marjukka Kettunen gave a brief overview of the situation in the international cruise market, cruise ships due to call at HaminaKotka next summer and the outlook for the coming years.

System Specialist Juha Hämäläinen presented the changes to be carried out on the weighbridge at Mussalo and estimated that the new system will be in use at the turn of May and June.

Foreman Miikka Liikkanen described the maintenance of the rail network of the Port of HaminaKotka in different parts of the port and also presented other maintenance work.

Antti Raasu, Specialist of Electrical Engineering, gave an overview of the port’s lighting and presented the lighting reforms carried out last year and the reforms to be carried out in 2024–2025.

Security and Rescue Manager Maria Kämäräinen reminded the port operators to update the contact details of safety and security personnel, because up-to-date information is especially important in the communication of matters related to safety and security. Maria Kämäräinen also talked about the changed access permit practices of Port of HaminaKotka Ltd. Further information on this can be found on the website of the port company.

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