Theme day in occupational safety at ports highlighted everyone’s responsibility for safety


A theme day in occupational safety was arranged at all Finnish seaports on 4 October 2021. The theme for the day this year was Work Safety Involves Everyone. The employer is responsible for ensuring a safe workplace, and it is the responsibility of the employees to comply with the rules and instructions and take care of their own safety and of the safety of the co-workers. Whenever safety risks or other deficiencies are detected, it is important that they are reported at the workplace to avoid potential accidents. The Port of HaminaKotka also used the theme day to highlight the role and responsibility of every person working at the port for the safety of the workplace.

During the day, many types of activities were arranged at the Mussalo Harbour in Kotka for the personnel of enterprises working at the port in co-operation with various parties. VR Transpoint and Steveco had put an engine on display at Hasakuja and provided an opportunity to board the engine to see things such as the view offered from the cabin and how an engine actually stops. Oiltanking Finland Oy’s new automatic truck loading station presented the modern ENMAC fall protection solution in an authentic situation, when UPM’s truck arrived to load tall oil.

There were events also outside the port gates at office building Merituuli. In the virtual safety park of the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (XAMK), the audience were able to see how a straddle carrier is inspected before being put to work, and the South Kymenlaakso Vocational College (EKAMI) presented the transferable version of a crane simulator. The stands of Image Wear, Grolls and Tools had personal protective equipment and new work clothing on display. The audience were able to take part in a safety survey carried out jointly by the Kotka Maritime Research Centre, EKAMI and XAMK at various stands. Many types of products were given as prizes to lucky winners among those who responded to the survey.

The event attracted much interest, and there are plans to arrange the theme day next year in Hamina. The goal is to consolidate the port work safety day to become an occupational safety event organised jointly by various companies and organisations working at the Port of HaminaKotka.

Anyone was able to board the engine operated by Jouni Kylmälä.
Suvi-Tuuli Lappalainen, Development Manager of Port of HaminaKotka Ltd, conducting a pre-work inspection on a straddle carrier in XAMK’s virtual safety park.


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