Third information meeting of Port of HaminaKotka in Hamina on 28 September 2022



The third information meeting of Port of HaminaKotka in 2022 was organised on 28 September for the first time as a hybrid meeting, meaning that it was possible to participate in the event on location at office centre Kuorsalo in Hamina or remotely via Teams. A total of about 60 persons participated in the event.

Commercial Director Eija Rossi opened the meeting by briefly describing the past year and the impacts of the global political situation on the operation of the port.

Technical Director Jari Kontunen gave an updated overview of the construction projects of the port company in Mussalo and Hietanen. The construction work on the new quays in the D-area of the Mussalo Harbour is making progress on schedule, as is the infrastructure work in the adjacent industrial area. The H3 pontoon ramp was taken into use at Hietanen in the summer, and currently an average of 3 to 4 ships per week use the new ramp.

In his presentation, Ville Kuitunen, Director, Traffic Operations, reminded the participants of the responsibilities of the companies operating at the port regarding issues such as winter maintenance, cleanliness of the areas and the general condition and use of the quays and cargo handling areas. He also brought up matters related to contingency planning and encouraged companies to contact the local energy company in questions related to electricity.

Security and Rescue Manager Timo Rosendahl presented the SEVESO exercise to be arranged in Hamina on 19 October 2022 and stated that access control has been specified due to the global political situation. He also pointed out the importance of proper traffic behaviour and driving speeds at the port. Finally, Timo Rosendahl mentioned the upcoming occupational safety week at Finnish seaports and encouraged everyone to participate in the events of the theme day in Hamina on 4 October 2022.

Electrical engineering expert Antti Raasu presented the renewal project of lighting masts and lighting control at the port. The project started last year and will continue until 2025. Antti Raasu stated that renewal work will be done one area at a time, taking into account the technical condition of the current lighting masts and the traffic requirements of the port.

Petra Cranston, Project Manager, Cruise Business, gave an overview of the past cruise season and also talked a little about the expectations for next year. A total of 19 passenger ships visited the Port of HaminaKotka this season, and there are currently more than 20 confirmed cruise ship visits for the season of 2023. However, the geopolitical situation involves several uncertainties that can have an impact on the final number of visits by ships.

To close the event, Eija Rossi reminded the participants to subscribe to the newsletters published on our website directly to e-mail. She also stated that the contact information search on our website has been improved at the request of customers. It is now possible to search for the contact information of companies operating at the port not only by name but also by industry.

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