HaminaKotka Satama köysi ja laiva kuva

Topical matters discussed in the information meeting by the Port of HaminaKotka on 16 February


The first Teams information meeting by Port of HaminaKotka Ltd in 2022 was arranged on 16 February, with almost 80 participants attending the meeting.

The event began by a presentation by Commercial Director Eija Rossi of last year’s transport volumes, which decreased at the Port of HaminaKotka by 1.8% from 2020. This year will hopefully be better than the one before, although industrial action and the global political situation are overshadowing port operations.

Petra Cranston, Project Manager, Cruise Business, described briefly the coming cruise season and said that HaminaKotka will receive as many as more than 40,000 passengers this year. She noted that the pandemic and geopolitical tensions could lead to the rerouting of cruise vessels on the Baltic Sea.

Technical Director Jari Kontunen presented both the port company’s own construction projects and those undertaken by the companies operating at the port and the port’s stakeholders. The projects number almost 30 in total. Jari Kontunen discussed the progress of the quay work in the D-area at Mussalo and future rail work, the schedule of the new pontoon ramp at Hietanen and the traffic arrangements at the Hamina gate area. The schedule of these arrangements will be specified as the adjacent battery material plant project makes progress.

Ville Kuitunen, Director, Traffic Operations, spoke about the EU’s increasingly stringent emission limits and their impacts on the port and shipping. There are many ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but they will become an additional cost component to the transport chain, if cost compensation cannot be included in the emissions package. According to Ville Kuitunen, the port company contributes to promoting these issues and hopes that other players, too, will be active in the matter.

To close the event, Eija Rossi stated that the port company is developing its information services by enabling the subscription of its newsletters published on the website directly to e-mail. The participants of the information meeting will be sent e-mail when the subscription feature becomes active. Then you can subscribe to the newsletter to be sent to your own e-mail.

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