Topical matters discussed in the information meeting of the Port of HaminaKotka on 22 February


The first information meeting of Port of HaminaKotka Ltd in 2024 was held on 22 February. The participants were able to attend the event on site in Mussalo at office centre Merituuli or remotely via Teams. The total number of participants was about 60.

At the beginning of the event, Commercial Director Eija Rossi gave an overview of last year’s transport volumes at the Port of HaminaKotka, which decreased by 13.2 per cent from the previous year. The beginning of 2024 has also been negative compared to the previous year, because there was very much traffic in January to May in 2023. It is to be expected that a decline in the transport volumes at the port will continue during the spring, and it is possible that in summer the traffic volumes will gradually grow.

Timo Rosendahl, Director, Traffic Operations, said that varying weather and slippery conditions have posed challenges to port operations this winter. Timo Rosendahl said that the port company is co-operating closely with various authorities both in making preparations for exceptional situations and in other safety-related matters. He also reminded the participants of the access permit practices and pointed out that the operators themselves are responsible for the access permits they issue.

Operations Manager Oskari Aarnio talked about occupational safety at the port and in its vicinity and especially raised safety factors related to rail traffic. He also advised the participants to get to know the relevant instructions available on the website of the port company. After Oskari Aarnio’s presentation, Vesa Silvennoinen, who started as a Port Officer in the autumn, introduced himself and told about his job description.

At the end of the event, Technical Manager Esa Paronen described the Port’s investments and projects. He also asked the participants to take the slippery conditions caused by varying weather into account in all operations and pointed out that any observed deficiencies in maintenance be reported with a low threshold. The report can be made to any employee of the port company; the information is always forwarded to the right person.

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