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Changed access permit practices at Port of HaminaKotka Ltd

Port of HaminaKotka Ltd has updated its access permit practices. The biggest change is that in the future, information on the drivers of the vehicle and potential passenger information will be added to the access permit in addition to company information and registration number. The granting of access permit requires the disclosure of the names.

Potential passenger information must be provided in all fixed-term permits. In the case of access permits other than fixed-term permits, passenger information is not necessary, but like before, the holder of the access permit is responsible for the persons in the vehicle and for their access to the port area for the right reason. Name information for access permits for work machinery is requested where applicable.

There will also be changes to the validity periods of access permits. The permits of the port operators’ own personnel remain unchanged. In other respects, the old continuous access permits will not be used anymore and will be converted into fixed-term permits. As a rule, new access permits are issued as one-off permits. For justified reasons, access permits may be granted for a fixed period.

More detailed instructions on the access permit practices will be sent to the operators working at the Port of HaminaKotka.

Port of HaminaKotka Ltd itself has already adopted the new access permit practice. The guidelines for port operators will be introduced no later than 13 May 2024, however, so that no new continuous access permits contrary to the guidelines will be issued.

If the guidelines provided are not followed, the port company has the right to suspend or withdraw an access permit.

Please pass on information to your subcontractors and other partners who need access permits.

Additional information:

Maria Kämäräinen
Manager, Security and Rescue
Port of HaminaKotka Ltd
tel. +358 20 790 8851
[email protected]

Kim Kosunen
Security Technology Specialist
Port of HaminaKotka Ltd
tel. +358 20 790 8852
[email protected]

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