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Floating pontoon ramp at Hietanen in active use

Port of HaminaKotka Ltd has been developing the infrastructure of the Hietanen Harbour due to the increasingly bigger vessel sizes and invested in a floating pontoon ramp made of steel. The ramp enables the operation of new three-lane RoRo vessels and hence increases the cargo handling capacity at Hietanen significantly. The design of the ramp has paid attention to the needs of both shipping companies and the port operator as well as the outlook for ships and cargo handling in the near future.

The pontoon ramp was delivered to Port of HaminaKotka Ltd by Enersense Offshore Oy, which manufactured it at Enersense’s Mäntyluoto unit in Pori. The pontoon ramp was towed from Pori at the end of June and installed at Hietanen at the beginning of July as an extension to the stationary ramp H3. The new ramp was commissioned on 11 July 2022, and it has been in active use by Finnlines’ and Transfennica’s large vessels since then.

Pontoon ready to leave the manufacturing site on a barge.
(Photograph: Antti Nikkarikoski)
Pontoon ramp installed at Hietanen.
(photograph: Marius Tikkanen)
Finnlines’ Finneco III vessel moored to the new ramp.
(Photograph by: Jarno Koivula)

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