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Information to ships on the waste fee system of the port

Many cargo ships on the Baltic Sea legally discharge some of their waste directly into the sea, even though this is known to increase the eutrophication of the Baltic Sea. International cargo ships in particular do not have sufficient information about the special conditions in the Baltic Sea and they are not familiar with the No Special Fee payment system applied at Baltic ports. In the system, a waste fee is charged regardless of whether the ship leaves waste at the port or not.

At the initiative of the Baltic Sea Action Group, an electronic information package to be given to shipping companies has been prepared in co-operation with various parties. The package contains information on the delicate marine environment of the Baltic Sea, a description of the No Special Fee payment system and a link to the port’s price list. At the Port of HaminaKotka, ships are charged port dues on waste disposal based on the ship’s net tonnage in accordance with the price list every time a ship calls at the port. These port dues cover solid waste, oil-containing waste originating from the engine room, and sewage.


Baltic Sea Waste Fee info

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