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New depth practice in certain harbour basins at the Port of HaminaKotka

Based on the fairway decision by the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom, the navigation lines of certain fairways of Port of HaminaKotka have been deleted. As a result of the decision, the Finnish channel depth practice is no longer applied to the below water areas of the port. Instead, the depth of the quays is only given as safe clearance depth .


Mussalo Container Terminal: harbour basin between B-quay and C-quay
Mussalo: harbour basins of A-quay and Liquid Terminal quays
Hamina: harbour basin between EU-PK quays and Oil Harbour


The port operator is responsible for the correctness of the safe clearance depths of the port area stated in official navigation map products, but the shipmaster is responsible for the ship’s safe draught at each quay, and this draught is to be decided by the master.


Guideline of Port of HaminaKotka Ltd

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