Maria Kämäräinen 2023 pääkuva

Maria Kämäräinen, new Manager of Security and Rescue


Maria Kämäräinen, Master of Maritime Management, has started in the position of Manager, Security and Rescue, of Port of HaminaKotka Ltd on 2 October 2023. She moved to the port company from the position of team manager in the seafaring and port industry at Ekami, the Joint Authority of Education of Kotka-Hamina Region. Maria Kämäräinen also has experience in project and training work as well as customer account management at Ekami. She has previously worked in the port industry as a supervisor in forwarding and stevedoring work, as an occupational protection and terminal manager and also at sea in deck duties.

Maria Kämäräinen has a combined experience of approximately 20 years in port and seafaring duties. During this time, the change in the industry has been huge.
“Being the biggest general port in Finland, HaminaKotka offers an excellent opportunity to be at a vantage point to follow the development of the port industry and to be involved in it,” she says.

She takes on the new work with enthusiasm.
“It is great to get a new perspective into the port industry and to learn new things. Having worked elsewhere for a while, it is really nice to come back to work at the port and get to know new people and expand my network. Safety and security plus customer service have always been particularly important to me in any work, and I wish to focus on these,” she says.

Maria Kämäräinen is originally from Loviisa, but she has moved to Kotka. She likes dogs and prefers to spend her leisure time with versatile sports and travelling.

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