Harbours - Port of HaminaKotka, Finland



Hamina is the leading port for the wood-processing industry in Finland. The port operators in Hamina represent state-of-the-art in terms of their efficiency and range of services. The Hamina Harbour specialises in general cargo, liquid bulk, dry bulk and demanding project shipments. The Liquid and Gas Terminal at the Hamina Harbour together with its versatile production plants is the foremost hub in Finland for the handling of chemicals.

The Hamina Harbour also has large areas available for logistics enterprises and port-related industries.

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Hamina harbour:

  • Dry bulk, liquid bulk, gas, RoRo, StoRo, LoLo, project shipments
  • Draught 5.9-12.0 m / HL, L, HK, FG, Ö3
  • Safe clearance depth 10.0-13.2 m / EU, PK, MCV, Ö1, Ö2
  • 3000 m of quays
  • 500 ha of land areas
  • 40 km of railways
  • Truck weighbridges