Harbours - Port of HaminaKotka, Finland



The Mussalo Container Terminal with its annual capacity of 1.5 million TEUs is the biggest container terminal in Finland and one of the busiest of its kind on the Baltic Sea. Mussalo handles a majority of the Finnish export and transit containers. The products of the wood-processing industry are also in a key role at Mussalo: it is the biggest hub for sawn timber, pulp and paper containerised at a port in Finland.

In addition to the Container Terminal, Mussalo has terminals for the handling of dry bulk and liquid bulk. The bulk products are mostly Finnish imports or in transit. Large warehousing and industrial areas make the operations at Mussalo highly diversified.

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Mussalo harbour:

  • Containers, dry bulk, liquid bulk, RoRo, StoRo, project shipments
  • Safe clearance depth 11.5-17.5 m
  • Draught 8.0-9.0 m in Jänskä
  • 3,150 m of quays
  • 20 berths
  • 500 ha of land areas
  • 170 ha of logistics and industrial areas
  • various types of warehouses
  • 40 km of railways
  • Rail weighbridge
  • Truck weighbridges
  • 8 container cranes