Harbours - Port of HaminaKotka, Finland


Hietanen and Hietanen South

The Hietanen Harbour is specialised in RoRo cargos. Daily liner services to the primary seaports in Europe enable a quick transport of goods.

The 100-hectare car terminal at Hietanen provides facilities for the handling and storage of large quantities of import and transit vehicles.

Hietanen South specialises in the handling of dry bulk cargos.

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Hietanen and Hietanen South harbour:

  • RoRo and car terminal
  • Draught 7.9-10.0 m
  • 1430 m of quays
  • 10 berths
  • Car terminal 110 ha
  • RoRo terminal 100 ha
  • 10 km of railways
  • Mobile cranes